Bob Arum says Eddie Hearn is ‘not a boxing guy’ and it’s ‘insane’ to rematch Anthony Joshua with Andy Ruiz Jr

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Anthony Joshua is hellbent on regaining his world title from Andy Ruiz Jr and banish the demons from that night at Madison Square Garden, but that doesn’t mean Eddie Hearn should oblige him according to Bob Arum

At this point, it’s not a question of whether Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr will have a rematch or not, not even really when.

It seems to be late this year with November likely, but the larger question is where.

Anthony Joshua is expected to face a rematch with Andy Ruiz Jr soon

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Anthony Joshua is expected to face a rematch with Andy Ruiz Jr soon

The new champion Ruiz Jr would prefer for the bout to take place in Mexico or America, Joshua is said to want to banish his demons from Madison Square Garden and his promoter Eddie Hearn is lining up Cardiff stadium.

However, fellow promoter Bob Arum – the Top Rank supremo – believes Hearn is making a terrible mistake putting Joshua back in the ring with Ruiz Jr.

Arum told Gareth A Davies ahead of Tyson Fury’s fight with Tom Schwarz this weekend that he thinks Eddie Hearn is ‘not a boxing guy’.

“It’s the dumbest thing from the standpoint of a young fighter – Joshua’s relatively young – a young fighter who you want to bring back and recover.

“The idea that you would put him in with Andy Ruiz Jr again is insane. Give him some fights, forget about the titles.

“The titles will always be there. Joshua is a really good personality, he shouldn’t go back with Andy Ruiz. Any boxing guy, a real boxing guy, would tell you that. Unfortunately, his promoter [Eddie Hearn] is not a boxing guy.”

Eddie Hearn promotes Anthony Joshua


Eddie Hearn promotes Anthony Joshua

Throughout Arum’s chat with Davies – which can be heard from his appearance on the Sports Bar on Thursday night – his knowledge of the sport is clear to see.

The notion that Hearn is silly for making this rematch may be a little narrow-minded, however, as Joshua is said to be determined to fight Ruiz Jr again now matter what.

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